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Oh okay. That clears up the possible bounties on you.
I appreciate it,Ten. A little "sorry" goes a long way. I'll make sure Ralkess pulls you off his hit list :sick:
Hey guys... I won't be getting on this week because of heavy school work and real life arrangements coming up... I also deeply apologize for skipping out on this weekend's RP without saying anything, it was rude and hugely irresponsible on my part.
Just to remind you, Ops Night is cancelled tonight due to me having a midterm. :sick:
Woohoo! Finally got Zarokah to 50, and I'm ready to antagonize. Hehe...
Welcome to the Jakaadi-Paradigm Guild website! Here we will post character backstories, events, notices, history, and Clan Descriptions.

If you're new to the guild, and you were brought into it with promises of guild RP and clan theme, you can start as soon as you want. Just read the clan descriptions in the forum (linked above), decide which one suits your character best, and ask the clan leader about joining.
Ask the clan leader if you would like to include your back story into the clan history, or just join as a new guy.

You are encouraged to read and post on the forums! This is the easiest way to keep in touch and to share ideas with each other since not all of us are always on.  

Thanks for reading, and thanks for joining,

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